Friday, November 9, 2012

Meta Description

The ultimate goal of SEO is a high ranking website and increase website traffic through organic results of searches using keywords. Here, subject of the website title, description, keywords and content of each page play vital role in the increase of ranking. Keywords about the content of the website are the most important elements that should be included on the website to help better ranking on search engines with. The SEO composes Meta Description intelligently, so that keywords are displayed in the preview snippets. Therefore, social media marketing companies make them as important function of SEO in their online marketing strategy.

Therefore, you should include as many of the keywords that have been established, but the title is good to remain less than a dozen words. The use of keywords is vital to identify a site from the search engines. Although this site includes more than one page, the keywords should appear at all. A key factor, too, are the keywords to include as many times in the body of the main text of the page. This is because most search engines "look" in the main text.
However, care should be given to avoid excessive repetition (flood) of keywords as the search engines may consider it "keyword spam", which is undesirable. Once you create your text, it is necessary to see how many keywords you put in your article. Google acknowledges the frequency of the same words about 7%.


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